Phase 1

Goes to action instantly on application and starts treating surface nail fungus & surrounding skin.

Phase 2

Completely eliminates cracking & crumbling of nails while also reducing the yellowish discoloration caused by fungus.

Phase 3

Regular application flushes out the root cause of fungal infection from the nail bed to prevent infections, while improving nail health & appearance.

Frequently asked questions:

Our fungus spray is specially formulated with a powerful combination of natural ingredients that effectively target and eliminate fungus. Unlike other products that may contain harsh chemicals, our spray is safe for people, pets, and the environment. 

Results may vary depending on the severity of the fungus, but many customers report seeing improvement within just a few days of using our spray. For best results, we recommend using the spray as directed and continuing use even after the fungus appears to be gone to ensure it doesn't come back. 

Yes, our fungus spray is safe to use on a variety of surfaces including floors, walls, and fabrics. However, we recommend testing a small area first to ensure compatibility and to avoid any potential damage. 

Yes, our fungus spray is made with natural ingredients and is completely safe for people and pets when used as directed. Unlike some other products on the market, our spray does not contain any harsh chemicals that can be harmful to humans or animals. 

It is recommended to use our fungus spray once a week in areas where fungus is prone to grow to prevent it from coming back. However, if you have already treated an area with our spray, you may only need to use it once every few weeks to maintain a fungus-free environment. 
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